“chromoPHOBIA” is a psychological horror short film based on a story by renowned dark fiction writer Brian Evenson.

Clinical psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Haver becomes obsessed with her mysterious new patient’s artwork and realizes he possesses a dark gift. After learning of the patient’s fear of color, fascination turns to obsession, and Dr. Haver is forced to confront her own darkness.

Director’s Statement

chromoPHOBIA is a psychological horror film based on an unpublished short story by renowned dark fiction writer Brian Evenson.

I love psychological horror that really gets under your skin so I was immediately inspired by this material. The story was built on a foundation of classic horror elements: a mysterious patient, a lonely doctor with a dark past and a pair of moody and atmospheric locations. These elements informed the film’s key aesthetic choices, visual style, and sound design, which all aspire to be highly cinematic.

We had an amazing location in the asylum, and since the main character expresses himself through his drawing, it pushed me to tell the story visually. The themes of mental illness, suicide, and how our pasts can haunt us, turned out to be a challenge to fit into a short film. Ultimately my editor and I were able to nail down the narrative by focusing on the drama of the doctor / patient relationship and how that power dynamic radically shifts. It was a great thrill to watch two talented actors color that relationship with nuances of humanity, compassion and menace.

In the end, the film is a bit of a slow burn that I hope is a provocative and slightly disturbing experience which requires the audience to think.

A lot of very talented people came together to make this film. I am so thankful to them and continue to be humbled by their efforts. Their hard work is evident in what you see and hear in this film.

Please, if possible, listen with headphones or on a good sound system. We worked incredibly hard on the sound mix, and listening to it as intended will complete your viewing experience.