Rita Boguss (a.k.a. Bubbi), is 92 years old & as she would put it, “I’ve lived
through a lot… “

On a New England winter’s day, we fall under her spell of optimism as she
reflects back on her life, relationships & what it means to sift through the
everyday meshugas & embrace what’s most important – love.

‘Bubbi’ is a rare and honest portrait of a strong woman, full of life & love,
embracing each and every moment she has left with honesty, dignity & vitality.

Director’s Statement

This is my Bubbi. There are many like her, but this one is mine…

Growing up in a single-parent household since the age of 6, my Bubbi played a huge role in helping my mother raise me. She’s been one of the few constants throughout my life. This bond has helped shaped me into the person I am today, but it’s also made it increasingly difficult to watch and accept the realities associated with her growing older. At 92, she’s started experiencing a lot of the typical ailments associated with getting more and more elderly – she’s more forgetful, more fatigued, more aloof… It’s hard watching these things happen to a person who’s gone out of their way and sacrificed so much of their own life to ensure that you are able to live a happy and healthy one.

Bubbi is a very personal and selfish attempt to preserve my idea of my grandmother – to freeze time and frame her infectious zest for life, her wisdom and the love that she’s always shown and passed down to me. From the outside, she may seem like any other grandma – but by the end of the film, I hope she feels like yours too.