Alone in his locker room, a boxer comes to terms with the aftermath of the most devastating fight of his life.

Director’s Statement

There’s always been something about boxing movies that has gripped me. From a young age, I watched and rewatched the entire Rocky series countless times. There was just something about the ambition and determination required to fight in such a sport that really captivated me. So when it came time to create my senior thesis film at San Diego State University, this was the story that I kept coming back to. I wrote the script and developed it with my partner/producer Julia Dillard. We then competed in and won the WALLY! Award, a competitive pitching competition judged by industry professionals. By happenstance, we also got feedback on the script from former Middleweight Champion Paul Vaden.

With this film, we really wanted to challenge ourselves in creating a short with only one character – Frankie, named after my great grandfather, the featherweight champion of the world in the 1930s. The idea was to have this character go through something so extremely personal and vulnerable that we’d never feel the need to have another character. So, we needed an actor that was able to carry the entire film on their shoulders, alone. After going through 2,000 applicants and auditioning about twenty, we found the phenomenal Jonathan Medina, whose performance blew us away in this film.

With Jonathan and our entire very talented team, we’ve managed to create a short that I’m extremely proud of and excited to finally share