A single mother learns the disturbing truth about Bobo, her daughter’s imaginary friend.

While the ‘imaginary friend’ trope is certainly one that most horror fans are familiar with, viewers may not be prepared for this short film’s overall arc, which was shot in Karachi, Pakistan. Hats off to directing duo Munis Rashid and Maazin Kamal, who also co-wrote the screenplay, for finding a compelling through line for this oft-seen story. The wonderful performances from the two leads (Malika Zafar as ‘Mama’ and Mariyam Khalif as ‘Rija’) anchor this effective short. Once it ends, ‘Bobo’ may very well leave you with a profound sense of sadness. All accomplished in a span of nine minutes.

Director’s Statement

In Bobo, fear of the unknown pushes our characters to their psychological limits, and it’s in those moments that they discover who they really are. This is not a film that will cause you to look away at a gruesome moment and neither is it one that will keep you up at night. But it will, we hope, stick in your mind for much, much longer.