A fugitive husband and wife take shelter at a beach house during the off-season but struggle to agree on how to best hide their bag of money.

Director’s Statement

A fascinating quality of crime is that it’s one of those rare times when people make life-altering decisions at a moment’s notice. The opportunity to find an instantaneous resolution for a situation seemed ideal for a short film. After watching so many crimes-gone-wrong captured by security cameras and news teams over the decades, it became clear that there are basically two ways to end things when on the run from the law: abandon ship or go down fighting. Beth (Brooke Hoover) and Darryl (Andrew Platner) were birthed from this dichotomy. Then came the question of the law. Sheriff Jacobs (Chuck McMahon) reminds me of a knowing father watching a child helplessly try to escape punishment: he must do what’s right, but also understands what it’s like to be a child. This element of sympathy gives the story a pitiful tone, one that had room for some comedy alongside of tension. Our producer, Harrison Perkins, contacted the City of Ocean City, NJ and got us permission to shoot on the beach during off-season. The vast, unforgiving ocean was a perfect place to tempt a paranoid criminal.