“Black Box” tells the story of a girl who wakes up in a derelict warehouse with no memory of who she is or what she needs to be doing, with only a series of written instructions and a ticking timer as her guide.

Director’s Statement

This is our 6th 48 Hour film, and in nearly every way our most ambitious. Oftentimes with filmmaking the director gets more than his fair share of the credit, and that is definitely the case here. This film wouldn’t have been what it is without the dedication and craftsmanship brought to the acting, the cinematography, the vfx, the production design, the set sound recording, and a thousand other details that come together to make a short like this a reality. I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who freely donated their time, energy, and sleep (our VFX guys alone were awake and working for more than 30 hours straight). It’s a fun little film, and I hope it brings a little jolt of excitement to anyone who gets a chance to enjoy it.