BINGE follows identical twin sisters, Ani and Ale, and their addiction to popular teen-soap, Runyon. Although they are drifting apart, the sisters share a love for Johnny, the James Dean-esque main character of the show. As they binge-watch Runyon, one twin tries to navigate her first relationship while the other manifests her ultimate fantasy.

Director’s Statement

Binge is an ode to teen soaps, binge culture, and teenage lives on and off screen. The film was a chance for me to make something more commercial than my previous films while also challenging myself to structure a narrative in a way that appeased my experimental sensibilities. Coming from a more experimental background, I used my favorite tropes from teen-soaps and paralleled them with reality. This script is inspired by the lives of me and my childhood friends and our journeys from being binge-watchers of shows to creating them. My hope is that the film can be entertaining, while also starting a conversation about binge-culture and celebrity obsession.