Share this post or your shadow will consume you… we’ve all seen these types of posts before but this one was real and Devin didn’t share it.

Director’s Vision

Like many creating in Covid times, we wanted to make something small that could be shared among friends as a spooky holiday treat. We started with the basics of what we knew we could do; squeeze some screams out of chocolate syrup, start with simple effects done to the best of their ability, throw in some basic cell phone static and some traditional light flicker. Then we decided we wanted to push the envelope with one really solid effect… so we **spoiler** tried composite effects (which we have never done before on this scale before) and we were floored with how well it came out. I think this piece really blends some traditional cinematography and horror elements with some modern effects. At the end of the day, like all artists, we just hope that our films find an audience and for a few minutes they are transported out of their life to go on the rollercoaster with us.