Drawing on a myriad of influences from Pop, Indie, Electronica and Ambient soundscapes, ‘Be Sure’ conjures an alternative reality fused with rhythmic experimentation and offbeat melodies. The band explains:

‘Be Sure’ deals with relationships on the line. Take Elon Musk’s neural-link vision of the future, which evokes the questions if human interactions will be more a matter of calculation than feeling. How can we be sure about our relationships with you? It’s quite a dystopian perspective. The song went from being rather busy to rather spacey, we tried to minimise it to the elements that are absolutely necessary.

The video shot in an almost Dogma-like approach, when there was suddenly snow for a handful of days in mid-February. As for the idea, the band explains:

The point of the video was the idea of uploading and downloading someone’s identity into the cloud. Some sort eternal life. It opposes sleeve death to actual death. The antagonist is returning, and the showdown you see in the very beginning will probably happen over and over again. In a way, that the video is the start of a small series, several parts that refer to each other. It’s all about parallel worlds, what is real, what is simulation, what is reality, what is memory? We’ll face some fundamental changes within the next decades. And that’s as fascinating as it is frightening.