Ballistic is a short Sci-fi/Action Thriller that centers on Dana, a woman thrown into a fight for survival. Connolly’s film employs a constant and frenetic intercut across time periods. In the present, 20-something Dana is alone and relentlessly hunted by unnamed pursuers. All the while, an implant in her wrist displays an LED numerical readout incessantly counting down towards zero, the result of which, it can be safely assumed, will be Dana’s certain death. Dana must evade her attackers and stop the countdown by any means necessary. Amidst all of this, the film seamlessly cuts to- and from the waking nightmare that is Dana’s childhood; revealing where Dana got her strength and will to keep moving.

Director’s Notes

BALLiSTIC is certainly my most ambitious project to date. One that was only possible thanks to the incredible talent, passion, and dedication of my cast and crew. It’s a mixture of ideas and styles, realized through the singular perspective of Dana Reid. And it’s one that I’d love to develop further.