A short film about the emotional trauma that accompanies a near death experience. When you can’t tell the difference between dream and reality you start to feel you’re sinking into your mind, unable to breath.

Director’s Statement

In 2018 I had a seizure. After extensive testing the doctors told me
they couldn’t find a root cause for the seizure and choked it up to
stress and poor nutrition. That meant that there was no guarantee that
this seizure was a one time thing. Ever since the event my mind has
floated in and out of this nebulous state. Sometimes this state can be
very overwhelming as it subdues some senses and heightens others
giving life a dreamlike feel. During these states I have to find ways
of zoning in on the world around me and making sure that what I’m
experiencing is actually happening. This video delves deep into this
experience and its sensations. Trying to express a sensation that’s
hard to put into words.