From Lola to Sasha, a French-Caribbean youth discovers the need to break out of the patriarchal norms of gender and identity through fashion. Androgyne is a short doc about finding your style and celebrating the depths of everything that you are.

Director’s Vision

Lola and I crossed paths as housemates when we first landed in Vancouver. As our friendship developed, we discovered Lola’s blood is ¼ Caribbean and ¾ French. While my blood is ¼ Australian and ¾ Caribbean. Lola is caucasian in passing, and I’m black with an Australian accent. The shared quirks in our identities allowed us to form a magnetic creative bond.

We talked about the patriarchal influence that is cast over Caribbean culture and how, in many ways, we are so distant from the cultures inside us. The week before her return to Belgium, we decided we wanted to create a project that pays homage to the belonging we found in ourselves through travelling. We are both interested in self expression through fashion, but felt the need to create something with more meaning than your typical lookbook.

We championed Lola’s personal story to create a project about finding your style and being comfortable in your own skin. We pulled in a few favours (and our entire entourage) to create the fashion film that we always wanted to see.