A man, Ollie, gambles away a formative relationship from his mind and, after a fateful encounter with a stranger, he searches for memories he has lost and the person he has forgotten.

Director’s Vision

All in is a film about the fragility of memory and trying to make amends before it is too late. Life is short and relationships are the most important part of what makes a life worth living. I wanted the film to frame a character in a downward spiral and see if, with a final piece of luck, he could turn his life around and salvage the best part of who he gave away. The film was made over 3 days in 2020 between lockdowns with the help of an amazing regional cast and grew from the Greater Manchester area in the UK. It was an opportunity for a collective of creatives to get back to doing what they love and remember that there is still the power to grab a camera and make something! I loved working on this film and am proud of what we made as a unit.