A young woman arrives in a new city. She looks at the people around her and realizes that she doesn’t belong to that world, that everything is alien to her. Even so, she tries to pretend to be one of them, to fit into this strange place.

Directors Notes

Aliens has been created to take care of visual aesthetics in order to introduce the viewer in this particular world, a “fiction” with a touch of dystopia and apparent science fiction reinforced by the neon lights and the strange characters (real people) who bump into our protagonist. The intention has been to create the most immersive and hypnotic experience, where sound and music have a great weight, emphasizing the feeling of alienation. I was interested to create a realistic world but in a dreamlike way, where the atmosphere catches and envelops you.
Aliens opens the viewer a window into the strangeness, where the observer feels alien to the world that is shown to him without being aware that what he is seeing is totally real.