While shopping at a boutique with a friend, an unassuming Black woman is forced to reckon with judgement when all-too-familiar oppressive systems kick into gear, and things accelerate out of control.

Director’s Vision for ‘Alex’

At the height of the civil unrest in July 2020, grieving the murder of George Floyd, J Stevens and I found ourselves called to action. 2020’s mark on the world is indelible, giving urgency to stories about those on the margins and priming audiences for ALEX’s message. My hope is to explore the nuances of implicit bias and performative allyship; shifting focus from individuals to a space where we begin to question the overarching systems that we are complicit within. My intent is not to pit straw-people against each other; but to offer a genuinely human, example of how a mind can change on these complex subjects. This film centres the experience of a Black woman named Sydney, but this film is not about her. This film is about Alex. This film is an offering of what I experience regularly in 2022. This film is a representation of what racism looks like in 2022. This film asks all of us question how we are complicit in upholding structures based in white supremacy.