Jiawei finds a mysterious vial while cleaning out her late mother’s fridge, transforming her into their ancestors and descendants. Ma worries she made a mistake uprooting their lives and leaving everything behind. Mother and daughter cross paths through time to find answers in each other. A Cure for All Things is a story of what we leave out and what we leave behind.

Director’s Vision

A Cure for All Things was inspired by questions of who our ancestors and descendants are, and how they are often different from the monolithic history we’re told; questions of what is omitted or lost between generations. It’s a look at the cleaving act of immigration and how it reverberates further than expected.

But it’s also a reflection of how life straddling multiple cultures can be bizarre, even like science fiction. You exist in an ambiguous liminal space that waxes and wanes depending on when and where you actually are. At times, it can feel like you are in multiple places and timelines at once.

That line between the everyday and the existential is where this story lives.