985 DAYS follows the surreal evolution of two girls and their bold relationship in a funky, playful, and oddly relatable, 2 minutes. The story visualises the little crazy things in life which we sometimes don’t see but that are very much still there. This a self produced, personal project created and directed in Barcelona by Clim and Jade de Robles.

Director’s Statement

We like to frame our personal projects within the context of experimentation and exploration, delving into processes and experiences that are not always available within the commercial space. We set off deciding to self produce a series of films so that we could get more familiar with the cinematic language of live action. This film began with intense and emotional discussions ranging from sexuality to fantasies, parenting, bullying, education.. and finally towards a more surreal, ironic and comical story.

We put ourselves in charge of all sides of production including script writing, creative and art direction, storyboard, animatics, live action prep, wardrobe, props, scheduling, live action shoot, edit, post production, sound design, voice over and colour treatment. It has been a year since we first started the conversations that got us where we are today, but overall we worked for 2 or 3 months non stop in total. In every step of the way we involved other professionals for their collaboration, leadership and help towards reaching our goal. Friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends were engaged to create a little network full of passionate and talented people eager to create new exciting personal work. The film is not only the result of all of this hard work, but also a celebration of the process and what we have learnt along the journey.