Seasoned vigilante, Ladykiller, reminisces on an eventful evening in the restroom of a punk bar.

Director’s Vision

360 Seconds is a six minute (three hundred and sixty second) short film, inspired by the films Bex grew up watching (when she was probably far too young to be watching them, but luckily for her, her parents were chill). Films like: From Dusk Til Dawn, True Romance, Velvet Goldmine, Trainspotting, The Professional… mostly, violent movies with colorful characters, lots of style and attitude with killer soundtracks. Films born in the 90s that arguably, if you ask Bex, don’t come around so often anymore. She wanted to make a short film centered around one memorable character, a female lead, oozing with charisma and a far cry from the “assassins” and “vigilantes” of the big blockbuster Hollywood films. Someone who you can laugh with but also wouldn’t dare piss off, that would take the audience on a ride. A short film that feels complete, yet still leaves you wanting more.

Bex’s intention as a filmmaker is to, first and foremost, make entertaining films, centered around characters who you would want to dress up as on Halloween, about subject matter you wouldn’t expect to come from the mind of a “female” filmmaker. Whatever that means.