The Minimalist

A solitary photographer is seduced into an exhilarating and unknown world.

Thomas, a self-proclaimed recluse, is a photographer in New York City who sees the world through the lens of his camera. He approaches his photography—as well as his life—in a minimalist style, focusing on the purity and simplicity of things. His world is turned upside down when he encounters Sylvia, a free spirit with a wicked side, and her boyfriend Patrick, a guy’s guy who is as intimidating as he is charming.

The three meet under unusual circumstances, but become close rather quickly, creating a tangled and dynamic triangle.

We also meet Nicole, Sylvia’s best friend who, despite their tumultuous history, has stuck around to play a role in her twisted, dangerous, and irresistible world.

Soon enough things start to unravel as the mind games within the foursome escalate. Guilt, happiness, betrayal, passion, art, love, and the inevitable consequences of their actions lead to a complicated end… or beginning.