So It Goes

‘So It Goes’ is a mysterious short film with a faded aesthetic influenced by the novels of Kurt Vonnegut and Cormac McCarthy.

Oren and Benjamin are foster kids who struggle to grow up, love, and survive at the work farm run by the oppressive Ma Dallin. Donate to our movie, see our filmmaking process, watch it at home, and get additional rewards.

Something isn’t right at the Dallin farm where sickly 16-year-old Oren has been in foster care for 4 years. Book smart but a social pariah, Oren is mourning his boyfriend, Tomaj, who died from kidney failure 6 months ago. Oren keeps to himself when Benji, a kind-hearted boy arrives to fill Tomaj’s empty bunk. When Oren sees what foster mother Ma Dallin has been up to, he must decide whether or not to tell the other boys. Benji’s sweetness gradually wins Oren over and he falls for the new kid and shares the deadly secret about Ma’s hi-protein flour. Frustrated that Oren would keep this a secret from the other boys, Benji abandons him, and Oren must decide what to do next.