Rosewood Ledge

Rosewood Ledge captures the intersection between a woman whose life is shattering around her and a young couple in a destructive relationship.

The couple, a model and her photographer boyfriend, are shooting on a lake upstate when the property owner exhibits unusual behavior.

Although their meeting is serendipitous, the choices they make while together force them to confront who they really are.

Director’s Statement

Rosewood Ledge centers around three unlikely but intertwined themes: image obsession, burnt-out romance, and alcoholism. As the characters developed, I focused on understanding what motivated their troubled behaviors, and discovered a strangely beautiful irony. For all of the pain in the character’s narratives, there is equally as much humor and lightness in them.

Whether this story is a comedy or tragedy depends on how it’s told, and my goal is to tell it as both. I believe that real life is full of this duality and reflecting that is the most honest form of storytelling I can do. I hope that viewers will watch Rosewood Ledge and see the beauty in narratives with this dark and light irony, and perhaps see their own experiences reflected in the characters’ struggles and triumphs.