The digital age has created a new dimension of communication, where layers of noise are added to interpersonal interactions. It’s replaced verbal cues with written and visual cues, which have disrupted the effectiveness of the message. A consequence of this is a shift in the way people engage and interact with each other romantically — be it to hook up, to date, or to fall in love. DANCE analyzes what modern courtship has become through the lens of a neverending social media landscape.

In DANCE, we chronicle the clash between two of social media’s most savvy players as they battle for the upper hand via a popular dating app. Max, a man with good looks and a perfectly curated digital presence, vehemently chases Bliss, a beautiful and enigmatic woman, who weaves a digital web of allure.

A game of cat and mouse unfolds through the lens of Max’s mobile device as he attempts to unlock the right digital algorithm to Bliss’ heart.

We dare to see who lets their guard down first and attempts to turn a digital flirtation into something more tangible.

Set against the moody back drop of the trendy art scene in Downtown Los Angeles, clever texting and witty social media posts replace character dialogue, as we follow Max on an existential quest for love and meaning in a modern day silent film.