BOUNDER is a short sci-fi thriller that explores the misguided depths we’ll go to protect our families against the unknown.

In the dark hours of long production days – over many shoots and several years – we would send each other emails imagining a future world. There was a cabin in the woods. A father and son. Soon the correspondences grew longer – each message pages long as it described everything about that place, those people, the terrible situation they were twisted up in. To us, it was real.

So we made it really real.

We found our father and son. We trekked across the west coast in search of the perfect molded-out house in the woods. We independently funded the shoot, which happened last August. Now that whole world, everything we imagined, exists on a few hard drives, and we have to… do something with it. So –

We’re raising money to complete our short film BOUNDER. As an ambitious and technologically accented sci-fi film, this post production process will be extensive.