Bon Voyage

During a holiday cruise a sailing yacht encounters a sinking refugee boat. – Inspired by the current events in the Mediterranean sea.

Every day, since years, little boats leave the African coasts, overcrowded with desperate passengers, trying to reach Europe. At the same beaches the refugees land, we, the Europeans, enjoy our holidays. For some, the Mediterranean sea is a vacation paradise, for others a saltwater hell. This dramatic contrast is the foundation for the story of our short film BON VOYAGE.

The screenplay is written, the main roles are casted. An international crew is enthusiastic to start shooting in early 2016.

The lead producer is Joel Jent, together with the Swiss production company Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion, which produced over 100 movies in the past 20 years. Asli Erdem, a celebrated Turkish indie-film-producer is already preparing on location in Antalya. Ouat Media, a highly successful distribution company, is ready to share BON VOYAGE with an international audience.

All we need now is your support that we can start shooting.