Belle and Bamber

Plenty of mischief turns to plotted murder as Bamber struggles not to be forgotten by Belle.

Belle and Bamber is the story of Belle; a 10 year old girl with a thirst for adventure and Bamber; her fuzzy, blue imaginary friend who spend their days exploring and getting into mischief. However, when Belle’s mother tires of her fantasies and pressures her to grow up and forget him, Bamber is faced with the possibility of being banished to Belle’s subconscious. Rather than letting her go, Bamber decides to fight back, making Belle act out, run away from home and when nothing else works, realises there’s one last resort – they have to kill Belle’s Mother.

The film is a coming of age, dark comedy drama mixing familiar themes of fearing the future and losing ones childhood with the comically sociopathic (and increasingly vicious) Bamber as he is willing to do whatever it takes to stay in Belle’s life.