Batman: Death of a City

Batman: Death of a City is a non-profit fanfiction crime-thriller inspired by the Caped Crusader’s darkest chapters.

BATMAN: DEATH OF A CITY is a non-profit fanfiction short film depicting the violence and depravity that plagues Gotham City. Over the course of one long hellacious night Jim Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock investigate a series of grisly murders infecting Gotham. As they dig down deeper into the depths of horror the pair of hard-nosed detectives discover the return of one of the city’s most infamous criminals, Andrea Beaumont AKA Phantasm!

Our goal is to make a unique and notable entry into the Batman universe on screen. A short film that cinematically showcases another side of the comics we love. We know fans of both the comics and the films thus far will be absolutely enthralled by what we have planned for BATMAN: DEATH OF A CITY.

We absolutely love comic books. The attention to detail and upmost care that it takes to tell a gripping story panel by panel is something we deem extremely important and that is what we’re aiming to recreate and capture in BATMAN: DEATH OF A CITY. We will bring to life the unforgettable Batman imagery that has shaped who we are as storytellers and that’s just the beginning. In order to make it all happen we’ll need support, crew, and funds. When we shot the teaser for the campaign we had an extraordinarily dedicated team of passionate filmmakers but very little capital and few resources. That really limited the scope of the story we were able tell. This time around we wanna do a whole lot more.