BASTARD is a psychological thriller about emotionally disturbed Nathan, who makes an unusual deal with a local thug.

BASTARD is a 45 minute modern day psychological drama-thriller, telling a story of an emotionally disturbed Nathan (24), who after several failed suicide attempts, convinces a local thug – Rob (35), to put him out of his misery. Nathan’s childhood was tainted by years of emotional and physical abuse, at the hands of his alcoholic father.

Throughout his life, the only person he could turn to for comfort was his older sister Julie (28). After years of constant abuse, hunted by painful nightmares, he became withdrawn and desperate to leave this world, in order to rid Julie off the burden that he had become.

In a local pub, Nathan meets Rob, to discuss his need to end his life, and Rob’s assistance in this matter. Rob sees Nathan’s request as very unusual, and is suspicious of him, however he eventually agrees and provides Nathan with the price for his services. When the day finally arrives, Rob takes Nathan to the forest where they find a wide clearing. Preoccupied with their plan, they don’t realize, that the forest, has another visitor….The unexpected encounter will change their lives forever.