The Sun Shines at Night

When Ian finds himself disinterested in having sex with his girlfriend, Claire, after she’s been away for work, tensions flare and emotions get raw.

Director’s Statement

We’re awful to each other when we break up, and The Sun Shines at Night is a breakup story.

Whether we’re gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgender, non-binary, whatever. We’re human, and in these situations, humans lie.

We tell half-truths.

We lack the courage to say what’s really on our minds.

We say and do things without intention.

We refuse — whether actively or passively — to give humans their humanity.

Writing this script was simple, but it wasn’t easy. I combed through all of the breakups I’ve either experienced myself or witnessed around me, chose the most painfully human aspects of them, and used a very specific experience gay men have to give everyone in the audience something to relate to.