Red Light Feeling // Daily Short Picks

Red Light Feeling

During an evening of babysitting, Rebecca draws inspiration from a ‘learn Spanish’ tutorial series while reflecting about her stagnant life. Starring: Kandis Fay, Dominic Bogart, Dione Kuraoka, Chris Mast Wardrobes provided by Solosix ( Set paintings provided by Nilu Azimi (

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Siren Featured Short Film


A young woman’s mundane life is turned upside down when she meets a sensuous older Spanish woman, who is passing through the sleepy English coastal town she lives in. Siren is a sexually explicit risqué look at women living and loving in modern Britain, exploring the overlooked subject of bisexuality.[…]

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Lonely Planet || Featured Short Film

Lonely Planet

Whilst in Barcelona on a temporary writing assignment, Julia beds a tall dark stranger to find herself with more than what she bargained for – a serious relationship. The ingredients are all set to create the rather clichéd storyline; a single woman meeting an estranged tall-dark haired man in a[…]

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El Audifono || Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage

El Audífono

Fernando and Perfecta are a married couple who have been married for 50 years. He is an amateur magician, who is a bit deaf and forgetful. He uses his magic to draw his wife’s attention. However, she only cares about her cats, because they disappear in strange circumstances. One day,[…]

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The Human Mirror | Daily Short Picks

The Human Mirror

Starring Anna Castillo (“El olivo”, “Promoción fantasma” and “Blog”), and Sílvia Sabaté (“Cruzando el limite” , “Hospital Central”), is based on a true story about a 17 years old with sociability problems who sees each day the cruelties announced in the news and his mind is getting closer and closer[…]

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Cactus De Un Piso Deshabitado

“Cactus from an uninhabited apartment” (translated) is a tribute to my grandparents Santiago and Carmen, but also a poetic documentary and an audiovisual essay. On the one hand, the story focuses on the life and legacy of my grandparents —including the recently vacated apartment after my grandfather’s death. On the[…]

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El Orgo | Short Film Trailer

El Ogro

There are monsters who act like men, and men who act like monsters. // Hay monstruos que actúan como hombres, y hombres que actúan como monstruos.

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Vazio | Short Film Trailer


The night falls and a man decides to control his fate. Is the emptiness the only answer?

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A professor of Spanish from the University of Montana is stationed in a Madrid hotel as a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War. But when the building is shelled the narrative enters into a place of memory, the unconscious, & a romance for Spain borne dangerously out of the bullrings[…]

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