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4 Weeks – hoodies at night x KROY

Director Thibaut Duverneix makes a visual take on a relationship with an expiry date. The video expresses what happens at the end of this four weeks. It reveals the pain of letting someone into your life then letting them go on purpose. The sexy mini film toys with infidelity, dance,[…]

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They Came || Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

They Came

Cosmic STDs? Pregnant men? Super hot body snatching aliens invade Earth in this crazy SCI-FI SERIES Supersexy bodysnatching aliens, an intergalactic STD, pregnant men and a black metal band from the dark corners of Norway! What more could you ask for? Featuring a stellar cast and awesome special-effects, we guarantee[…]

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Rose is a surreal horror film that explores the dark side of meeting someone for the first time and trusting them enough to go back to their home. Does beauty necessarily mean safety? One unlucky man is about to find out when he meets Rose. facebook.com/DESETEFA instagram.com/ddesetefa

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The Wife, the Thief, & the Demon. CahootsTheFilm.com JordanChesney.com

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Death | Featured Short Film


A vacuum cleaner, a gun, a van and a tombstone. Four symbols inspired this short film produced by K48 in association with Eppich Films to promote the shortology.it project by H-57: A vacuum cleaner, a gun, a van and a tombstone. Directed by Francesco Calabrese, who keeps these terrific shorts[…]

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Lucy and her daughter get trapped in a closet by a home invader in a house she was hired to clean. facebook.com/serviceshort twitter.com/jkpyle jkpyle.com

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Coup de grâce | Daily short Picks

Coup de grâce

A short experimental film. In Paris, a bewildered young man confides in his barber about an unusual encounter. jwustudio.com matthieucharneau.com facebook.com/MatthieuCharneauOfficial twitter.com/MatthCharneau

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