Les Sirenes // Short Film Trailer

Les Sirenes

In Corsica, a tiny island in the Mediterranean sea, four friends enjoy the last days of an endless summer. As they tell each other all their secrets, Camille, the youngest, tell their friends she is pregnant.

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Secrets || Featured Short Film


A short about how the bravest thing any of us ever does is reveal ourselves to another person–and how that’s also our only hope to ever be known and loved. From a fun but brave pillow-talk, things escalate quickly into traumatic reveals. Phinehas Hodges’ film ‘Secrets’ tests the human psychological[…]

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Cooking With Venus || Daily Short Picks

Cooking With Venus

Inter-planetary television chef Venus Ganymede shares her secrets to conquering a deadly recipe.

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Bobby's Run Off || Daily Short Picks

Bobby’s Run Off

Grace searches for her abusive, brother-in-law after he fails to come home one evening. The deeper she digs into the town she left behind the more she learns that everyone has secrets. Inspired by Country Western music and the structural storytelling of a Film Noir, Bobby’s Run Off is a[…]

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They Watch | Short Film Trailer

They Watch

In an alternate future, an idealistic teen fights to expose the secrets of a corrupt regime, unaware that someone is always watching.

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Crowdfunding Picks | The Truthful Phone

The Truthful Phone

The Truthful Phone is based by a Terry Jones (Monty Python) short story of the same name, supported in part by the Film Agency Wales with BAFTA nominated director Carl Rock. The Truthful Phone is a dark comedy about nasty pensioner Mae Morris; local busybody, pet kidnapper, husband killer. Who[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Yersinia Pestis

Yersinia Pestis

Au début du XXe siècle, le quotidien d’un village québécois est troublé par la mort d’une fillette. Yersinia Pestis est un court métrage de fiction écrit et réalisé par David Harrisson qui sera tourné à la fin de l’hiver 2016. Le film promeut un genre peu exploité au Québec: le[…]

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The Taking

In the vein of “The Others,” a little girl all alone in her house learns that some old houses have secrets. Dark secrets that bleed into the very soul of its foundations. For young Isobel and her Grandmother, they discover through the course of one eerie night, that some secrets[…]

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Fish in the Sea

Lawrence and Tiffany decide to take a romantic escape to a remote island. While venturing around the grounds, Tiffany begins to get the feeling that this place holds more secrets than Lawrence will admit. Watch Ryan Robins’ featured short Ostinato on Film Shortage. coldfoxfilms.com facebook.com/coldfoxfilms

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