The Problemless Anonymous || Featured Short Film

The Problemless Anonymous

What could go wrong in a world where being perfect is illegal? With the present being so unpredictable imagine what can happen in the future? Gary Roberts introduces us to a plethora of questions in his pensive and oddly sci-fi-ish short The Problemless Anonymous. What could go wrong in a[…]

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The Answers | Featured Short Film

The Answers

Upon his death, a man is given the answers to all the questions about his life he’s ever had — and some he never asked. This film starts where all others usually end. A man wakes up in the afterlife – alone in a pure white nowhere – faced with[…]

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36 Questions | Daily Short Picks

36 Questions

Inspired by a real-life experiment designed to make two strangers fall in love by asking a series of increasingly personal questions (made famous by The New York Times), “36 Questions” is a comedic look at what might happen if two of the least compatible people possible were paired in this[…]

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The Sound of Anomaly

The Sound of Anomaly

We rarely get the chance to talk about sound design and music in short films, but we cannot deny the importance of it to keep an audience intrigued and glued to the film for the entire length. The evidence could not be clearer in Salomon Lighthelm‘s incredible short film ‘Anomaly’,[…]

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Mouse-X | Featured Short Film


A man trapped in a building with a thousand clones of himself, begs the question ‘Who are you, if you’re not the only you?’ Brace yourself, Mouse-X is about to vigorously blow your mind, or at least attempt to bend it a little. In a narrative that has the main[…]

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Building a Story Through Music

Building a Story Through Music: Q&A With Director Joey Ciccoline

Written by Brandie Peters [threecol_two] About a year ago that featured the short film 88:88, which was written, directed and produced by emerging film talent Joey Ciccoline. 88:88 a unique sci-fi film about a girl who takes extraordinary measures to claim her freedom from her ominous alien abductors. The[…]

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