The Importance of Your Film's Opening Shot

The Importance of Your Film’s First Shot

A short film can be something very difficult to sell, with so much competition and junk online, it is a near impossible deed to lure a considerable number of viewers in. That’s why posters and cover images become so important to make a stagnant first impression. But getting someone to[…]

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Movie Themes That Never Fail To Deliver

Movie Themes that Never Fail to Deliver

Everybody loves going to the movies. Regardless of our individual taste, there’s something about experiencing a story on the silver screen that speaks to our innermost passion. And, accordingly, regardless of their genre, there are many motifs, themes and settings that recur in many well-known and more obscure cinema offerings.[…]

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A lonely, obsessive moviegoer develops complicated feelings for a woman stranger who he feels to be a kindred spirit. He follows her over the course of a day, hoping to make some sort of connection.

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Dinner and a Movie | Featured Short Film

Dinner and a Movie

Lovestruck Randy is thrilled when his prison pen pal Crystal is finally released and they can meet in person, but is woefully unprepared for the hard truths she brings along with her to their date… Oh how we love well written stories. ‘Dinner and a Movie’ might not have mind-blowing[…]

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The Dream

I had a strange dream the other night…actually, when NYC was covered in snow I didn’t just want to sit inside and watch movies all day, I wanted to make one, so I grabbed my 7D and just started shooting. My goal was to create a story out of random[…]

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After The Rain - VFX Breakdown

Creating Rain: Visual Effects Breakdown

Watch the full short: After The Rain After The Rain was a project that spanned over 11 years because of its production complexity. For 10 of those years it sat on the shelf as just an idea and an incomplete script. But in 2010 after purchasing After Effects CS5 (an[…]

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The Weekend Shortlist: Without You

Drive Danny Drive

In a lonely, dead world, one man finds solace in stories. He watches his favorite, and only, movie every night. But when his VHS is stolen, a series of events unfolds that lets him create his own story – one very similar to the movie he holds so dear.

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Candy Crush The Movie - Short Film Trailer

Candy Crush The Movie

Sometimes the best trailers are the fake ones! Here’s an awesome spin on your favorite mobile games into a movie. Created by Ryan Higa, Candy Crush The Movie also features games such as Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Temple Run and Draw Something. With so many addicting games, it no surprise[…]

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The Art Of The Trailer

The Art Of The Trailer

Not something that is often talked about. I always loved watching trailers, and it is often my favorite part of going to the theater. I found a stronger urge for trailers when I was working on creating a teaser trailer for my (back then) upcoming film ‘After The Rain‘. I[…]

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