Mobile Film Fest

Mobile Film Festival: Make Your Own Story

  Make Your Own Story Before January, 3rd 2017 on Follow the rules : « 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film » There is no theme so feel free to make your story  Sound recording from an outside source is allowed Shoot in any format : sequence shot, edited, stop motion or after[…]

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Connectivity Lost || Daily Short Picks

Connectivity Lost

New technology makes our lives easier and amazes us with the arising possibilities. However it can also make us an alligator’s lunch! Better play it safe! I directed the short film “Connectivity Lost” as a statement for not using your mobile device as a substitute for common sense. Slavishly following[…]

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Breaking The Scene: Shield5

Breaking The Scene: Shield 5

Just recently we posted an article about how the new Instagram series Shield 5 has been making headlines and how the series can be opening to doors to the TV Series genre. Let’s skip ahead of all the success and focus on how one of our favorite episodes got made.[…]

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Film Shortage Design Update

What’s New on Film Shortage’s New Design Update?

As you may have noticed last week, Film Shortage looked a little different with an all new design update. Sometimes people can get scared of change, but we’re here to tell you that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about – every single change has been made with you in mind.[…]

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Daily Short Picks | This is How We Date Now

This Is How We Date Now

A short film tracing 24 hours in the modern day relationship between Julie and Seb, depicting the struggle to commit to each other and to overcome the pressure of social media.

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Daily Short Picks | A Curious Breed

A Curious Breed

A depressed man does not know who to turn to, therefore he confides in someone that he does not know through text messages.

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30 000 Grant to shoot your film

Mobile Film Festival: Act on Climate Change – 1 Mobile – 1 Minute – 1 Film – to win 30.000€ grant!

Following the rules that have made its success for the past 10 years: 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film, the call for films is open till September 28th 2015. The Mobile Film Festival is very proud to announce its partnership with the United Nations related to the International Summit about Climate Change (COP 21) organized[…]

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Poem to a Daughter | Daily Short Picks

Poem to a Daughter

Cinema is an art form that I believe can be living, breathing, poetry. Poem to a Daughter is meant to feel like the manifestation of poetry. As the sunsets on the dying father, a young woman remembers him. This entire short was filmed on my iPhone 6 + as an[…]

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