The Holes Beneath The Trees || Featured Short Film

The Holes Beneath The Trees

When her sister and her friends disappear, Fae is left wondering if the stories about the woods behind her new house are true. The Holes Beneath The Trees explores an emerging minimalist filmmaking style, made popular by the likes of shows like Stranger Things, where the mystery itself becomes a[…]

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The Groundsmen || Daily Short Picks

The Groundsmen

Searching for gas to refuel their stranded dirt bike, two brothers discover a mansion hidden in the forest.

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Daily Short Picks | Thailand


Inside the borders of the land where I got a chance of meeting the awesome, hospitable and good-humoured Thai people. Every inch of Thailand in 30 days , 6000 kilometers of way on motorbike. Extraordinary places, exceptional landscapes.

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Last Day of Summer

It’s the last day of summer in rural Illinois, 1967. A boy lays on his back alone in the dirt. Trying to catch his breath, sweat rolling down his face, he remembers a recent encounter with two other boys. As the conversation unfolds we slowly realize who we are seeing[…]

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No Plan B: From Cancer to Corsica

NoPlan B is the story of Justin McClean a father of three, whose life is thrown into uncertainty when diagnosed with cancer. The film gives a rare insight into the mentality of a man driven to succeed in the harshest of times. Hope is found in the dream of riding[…]

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The Moped Diaries | Featured Short Film

The Moped Diaries

A short film about loosing everything you love and starting over. We’ve always said it, a good story could be a story you heard a thousand times, just in a way you haven’t heard it before. ‘The Moped Diaries’ is a simple film about losing everything you love and starting[…]

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Flash follows a young girl with a vivid imagination through a bizarre evening. Her reality is enmeshed with vast, animated fantasies, and on this night, her usual bike ride homeward is interrupted by suspicious and enticing events. Her sense of curiosity and imagination collide with reailty, bringing forth vandals and[…]

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