Bad Moustache

Produit par Kamran Production dans le cadre du défi Kino du mois d’août et présenté à Musique Plus. Ce vidéo raconte les débuts difficiles et l’entrainement rigoureux nécessaire pour une première rencontre.

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Diwali Dream Garage

With Austin’s life going nowhere and his pipedream of becoming a legendary stuntman on hiatus for the last 25 years he confesses to his best friend Reggie that there is something about his past he can’t remember and has been haunting him recently. In a bizarre spiritual ceremony Reggie sends[…]

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Victor is a short film about imagination, solitude and the sometimes blindfolded quest for happiness. This whimsical journey follows Victor, a peculiar man who has some interesting ideas about how to make friends. With an optimistic plan and a few technological tricks, Victor shows that sometimes all you need is[…]

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Renegade | Featured Short Film


Renegade is an homage to the 1940’s American pulp magazines. The whole thing is just a bunch of renegade humorous fun condensed into 3 short minutes. The film is an homage to the 1940’s American pulp magazines, like Thrilling Wonder Stories, Terror Tales and Thrilling Mysterys. These magazines featured cover[…]

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The Dark Companion

Howard (a puppet) has an existential crisis and nervous breakdown when he, and only he, can see his puppeteer… a featureless, humanoid shape that always looms over him, that he calls his “Dark Companion”. His relationship with his wife and friends quickly breakdown, when no one believes him, forcing Howard[…]

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Remember Me | Films de chez nous

Mémorable Moi

Mathieu seeks all ways to attract attention to himself. It is a matter of survival: you think of me so I am. Mathieu cherche par tous les moyens, à attirer l’attention sur lui. C’est une question de survie: tu penses à moi donc je suis.

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Short End

In the very near future, at the end of an era, veteran cinematographer Reginald Masters decides to shoot a ‘farewell message to film’ on the last bit of 35mm film in existence. The hapless crew of digital natives, headed up by director Lee Archibald, scramble to keep up appearances in[…]

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The Grey Matter | Featured Short Film

The Grey Matter

An office stiff wakes up in an alley mysteriously covered in blood. In the aftermath, he attracts the attention of his beautiful coworker, granting him a new lease on life …but something strange is afoot. So things will get weird, mysteriously and crazily weird. But in a good way. The[…]

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