Liebe (love)

Liebe (Love) tells the story of a love triangle between a man, a maiden and a monster.

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The Last Taxi Driver | Short Film Trailer

The Last Taxi Driver

Dorman O’Merain is pissed. He refuses to give up his taxi route when most of the inhabitants left in post-apocalyptic America are zombies. But sometimes the remaining humans are less predictable than the zombies. Robert Clohessy (Blue Bloods) is The Last Taxi Driver. Also starring Deborah Twiss, Emily Jackson and[…]

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Shear The Sheep

One woman’s crusade to rid the world of beards worn by unworthy men. Tsoey Miles has taken it upon herself to challenge unsuspecting bearded men, testing their worthiness of wearing a beard in hopes of returning the beard to real, outdoor loving, tire changing, labor working, men.

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Stefano Formaggio

In a perfect fairy-tale village, a beautiful but coy florist addicted to the enchanting local cheese, finally gets her dream date with the charming Italian artisan, who happens to be hiding more than just a secret family recipe. Perfection is deceptive. Starring Alice Greczyn & Pasquale Cassalia.

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Ringo | Featured Short Film


A lonely middle-aged mother hires a young male prostitute for an evening. When intimacy overwhelms her, she has the escort role-play her son’s life, beginning with his birth. ‘Ringo’ is the type of film that will make you feel a tad uncomfortable, but director Yaara Sumeruk finds a way to[…]

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U.F.Oh Yeah

Check out Ryan Connolly’s new short!

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Clown Nose Theory

The future of a Fortune 500 company hangs in the balance as a battle of wills plays out in a tense standoff between the forces of greed and a soft spongy red ball.

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No, Thank You.

“No, thank you.” is about Andy, a guy who has a phobia of food. His anxiety, disgust, and loneliness are explored in humorous and weird ways, as he tries to get over his fears with the help of Robin, a cupcake baker. Watch the film

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Schlock Fish

Olav Zanger is a solitary fisherman that seeks revenge on the ‘Dimpled Chin Schlock Fish’, a psychopathic creature that leaps out of water and rips his eyeball off.

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