Odile et Michel | Featured Short Film

Odile et Michel

A girl tries to understand why her boyfriend can’t talk to her anymore. I wish I wouldn’t have to label this film as a comedy not to give any hint of spoiler to anyone, because until that points we are deep into the wells of a fancy foreign film, a[…]

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Lily and the Revolution

An idyllic English village is the last place you would expect a Marxist revolution. Lily is a young, adventurous girl with a taste for the outdoors. Her current motives, fueled by her uncanny maturity and witty view on life, are to change how the world goes around. She has strong[…]

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The Gunfighter | Featured Short Film

The Gunfighter

In the tradition of classic westerns, a narrator gets a little blood thirsty. The Gunfighter sets itself up as a good ol’ fashion western film, but the narrator, who is setting up the story of a lone gunslinger who walks into a saloon, decides to take matters into his own[…]

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4 Pounds

The story of an actor who, over the course of four life changing weeks, focuses his considerable will to the goal of losing some weight. Though the people in his life try to dissuade him from his ruinous path, he ignores them in his headlong rush towards self destruction.[…]

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Theft, Nudity, Drugs And A Kombi Called ‘Betsy’ Jake is awoken in the middle of the night to his 1970 Volkswagen Kombi ‘Betsy’ being hotwired and stolen. With no time to spare, Jake and his roommate Ben go on wild goose chase around Brisbane. With Jake only in his underwear[…]

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Ah the things we do for love. In our latest short film, Beth learns that matters of the heart can get a little wonky when donating blood is involved. Starring Stacey Hinnen and Dana Powell from HBO’s Veep and ABC’s Modern Family.

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Dinner and a Movie | Featured Short Film

Dinner and a Movie

Lovestruck Randy is thrilled when his prison pen pal Crystal is finally released and they can meet in person, but is woefully unprepared for the hard truths she brings along with her to their date… Oh how we love well written stories. ‘Dinner and a Movie’ might not have mind-blowing[…]

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Russian Roulette

London seems a little less lonely when Lucy meets a cosmonaut on chat roulette…

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Rencontre | Films de chez nous


Une rencontre à trois dans ce café de Montréal, une rencontre impromptue, une rencontre imprévue…?! Film produit par Allfilms Productions, tourné à Montréal en 2014. Présenté au Short Corner de Cannes 2014

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