Daily Short Picks | Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

A laid back weekend in the Canadian part-time army turns serious when 3 cowardly soldiers receive an urgent distress call. Weekend Warriors is a military farce that mixes elements of comedy, drama, suspense, horror & psychological thriller. Imagine a Wes Anderson or Flight of the Conchords approach to the Canadian[…]

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Daily Short Picks | What You Can Burn

What You Can Burn

Two adventurers on a hunt for buried treasure find a mysterious stranger has beaten them to it.

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Human Resources | Daily Short Picks

Human Resources: Sick Days Aren’t a Game

The reign of Kendra Kurtis, Shen Com’s respected and feared Director of HR, may be over when her assistant, Perry, is charged with the task of her termination. But how do you take down the queen who hired half the company and made you who you are?

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A Good Fish | Featured Short Film

A Good Fish

Left with nothing by their recently deceased father, two aimless brothers head home to face his funeral. It all continues from Nick Payne Santos (previously featured) short ‘Ice Cream‘, well sort of. The films are actually very different from each other, but ‘A Good Fish’ does feature the two brothers[…]

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Roller Coaster

A comedy short film about a young actress that runs head-on into “Murphy’s law” while on the way to a potentially career-making audition. Support the Indiegogo Campaign

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Persephone Goes Home

Persephone returns to her hometown after college and must learn her degree doesn’t make her automatically successful, cool in the eyes of her high school crush, or particularly qualified for anything. She still has to figure it out on her own.

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The Hold Up

Leading up to their big bank robbery, four aspiring criminals discover that they have wildly conflicting, ludicrous opinions on how it should go down. Struan Sutherland • André Pettigrew •

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Daily Short Picks | Time to Kill

Time to Kill

For years, we’ve seen that moment. The hit man, sitting in the chair, moonlight slicing across his face, his gun pointed at his sputtering victim. Harris is such a man, so very good at what he does. What he’s not so good at is filling the time before the kill.[…]

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Triangles of Happiness

Trekanter af Lykke Triangles of Happiness is a hyper-realistic comedy about the financial crisis, facades and family life.

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Five-Fingered Lucy

Five-Fingered Lucy

Lucy is a kleptomaniac. She likes to steal small things. The feeling of having a secret, the power of knowing something no one else knows. In relationships she can feel helpless. In public and out on the streets she can feel out of control. But stealing … she’s good at[…]

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