Death Loves Life || Daily Short Picks

Death Loves Life

Young and beautiful, Life is enthralled with the world around her. Death is enamored by Life’s innocence and vivacity, but his attempts to connect with her are fleeting. Despite Death’s awkward and destructive path, Life recovers from each loss with graceful fortitude. In Death’s gloom, a passionate love for Life[…]

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Chop | Daily Short Picks


Chop is an edgy and eerily silent short film that unfolds in a single location in real time. On a small rural farm, an older son tries to chop wood at the insistence of his father while his younger brother cruelly tests his fragile psyche.

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Young Americans | Featured Short Film

Young Americans

17 year old Mercedes needs cash and she needs it now, so she recruits a former high school classmate with a massive crush on her to help her rob a bank. Young Americans is a classic tale of the young American teenage runaway, but at its core it is about[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Glendower Drive

Glendower Drive

A young brother struggles with the sudden loss of innocence in his childhood.

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Daniel, a young man with Asperger Syndrome, encounters a nearby hangout which affects his life of routine.

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The Trip

‘The Trip’ is a story about a young couple, Rose and James, who decide to get away for a weekend before their wedding. But beneath a veneer of seating plans and country strolls a dark secret lurks. As sinister events unfold in the present, the mysterious secret that appears to[…]

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Les Yeux Mouvants

Tristan is a young reporter working for a local newspaper. One night he meets Manon, and falls in love. But the same night, Tristan encounters another mysterious brunette, crying amid a deserted street…

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Flash follows a young girl with a vivid imagination through a bizarre evening. Her reality is enmeshed with vast, animated fantasies, and on this night, her usual bike ride homeward is interrupted by suspicious and enticing events. Her sense of curiosity and imagination collide with reailty, bringing forth vandals and[…]

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In an outer suburban skateboard park, rising tension between two young sisters comes to a head.

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Chocolate Milkshake

A former hit-man recalls his first kill. When Luigi’s mission is hampered, he inevitably encounters a cashier, a taxi-driver, a few clock collectors and a psychopath.

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