Utensils // Daily Short Picks


A young girl must figure out why everyone at the family dinner table is eating their soup with a fork. Director’s Statement I wrote this film as a commentary on power structures and herd mentality, with the goal of showing how a group of rational individuals can be made to[…]

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Smosh Mosh // Short Film Trailer

Smosh Mosh

Smosh Mosh is a trash bin world for all the weirdos the mighty gods didn’t like. The mini-series is made up of 8×7 minute episodes and follows our hero Flooz on her quest to find the holy schnitzel. The plot, setting, villains and every other aspect of the show has[…]

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Kaiju // Daily Short Picks


A city commemorates it’s most tragic moment with a unique annual performance. A love letter to giant monsters, grainy black and white films, and weird dreams. Director’s Notes I can’t remember exactly where this idea came from. I think even more than making a film about a giant creature, I[…]

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Matthew And The Arrogant Sea – Traveling Show (Official Music Video)

“Traveling Show” is the third part in Matthew and The Arrogant Sea’s three part series directed by Cole Mitchek, “A bump on the head in the three parts.” This music video follows Matthew Gray as his environment becomes weirder and more mysterious the deeper he journeys in to the woods.[…]

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Mornin' // Daily Short Picks


It’s the morning after, and Eric has some uncomfortable questions he just can’t help but ask. Stacy answers in more detail than he ever could have expected, and Eric must navigate through the awkward conversation that somehow just continues to get weirder.

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Weird Box || Daily Short Picks

Weird Box

Weird Box is an interactive film that makes your Instagram pics part of its story. Seemingly normal thirtysomething Dave is pathologically obsessed with YOUR Instagram pics. And when his girlfriend discovers his weird secret, all hell breaks loose. Get the full Interactive Short Film here

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Commute || Daily Short Picks


An every day commute gone very weird. This is an animated music video for the song “Commute” from the album “Show me the blueprints” by Seymour’s fat lady. Available to download at seymoursfatlady.bandcamp.com alternatively visit the website seymoursfatlady.co.uk

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I Am Not A Weird Person

After a traumatizing encounter with a stranger, Emmy is trying to find the courage to leave the safety of her apartment and go back out into the world again… because she’s in desperate need of toothpaste. facebook.com/IAmNotAWeirdPerson twitter.com/therealmollymcg twitter.com/marnivandyk

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When a group of teenagers camp in the woods, they are found and tormented

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Monomyth is an 11 part series made over 6 years, shot 16mm (and a small amount on an iPhone), it’s silent and quite weird/obscure. Watch Monomyth Part 2 See the entire series here twitter.com/MootHymn

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