Daily Short Picks | Soulmates


It is the story of a couple, debating the existence of soulmates, with flashes of their own fortuitous meeting. Is love an art or a science? Is it governed by a divine force or just a case of down-to-earth compatibility? A couple debate the truth behind real love in this[…]

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Our Songs

“Our Songs” is a glimpse into the life and relationship of a young couple as they travel across the county. Their road trip provides the experience, but their music makes it memorable. zandrak.com/blog/maps-and-mixtapes-the-making-of-our-songs moodsnap.fm

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A Kiss From Your Lips

A one-take swing dance story with a twist allisonfilms.com facebook.com/allisonfilms twitter.com/allisonfilms instagram.com/allisonfilms

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Bus Stop

He just lost his job. She just got dumped. These two strangers meet at a bus stop right when they needed each other the most. In an impromptu attempt to cheer each other up they go on an tour of his home town however before the tour is over reality[…]

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Il Tour di Davide

Davide, a city tour guide, leads his faithful tourists into a bizarre and surreal excursion through Rome and its famous landmarks that have witnessed the reasons for his broken heart. iltourdidavide.com nicolasersalefilms.com

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