It's Your Call // Daily Short Picks

It’s Your Call

Over the course of one evening, Ava and Peter work through their long distance relationship through phone calls, texts, Skype, Facetime and social media, only to find that staying connected is part of what might force making the ultimate call.

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Ayananta // Daily Short Picks


Devika, questions her beliefs when she is confronted by a difficult and distanced relationship. While attempting to face her reality, she finds a philosophical response amidst her emotional uncertainty. Screened at the Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis as part of MNTV 2015, Best of Minnesota Shorts, Program 1 Selection. Part of[…]

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Color of November // Daily Short Picks

Color of November

“Color of November” is a contemporary portrait of the relationship between two young women in the month of November in Poland. It is a hybrid narrative-doc short that explores cross border perspectives on the relationship between identity, space and memory in the post globalization era. The film was born out[…]

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Wasteland // Daily Short Picks


Reminiscing over the phone about the broken relationship has failed to process, a man comes to realize that he has never truly allowed himself to mourn. Director’s Statement Wasteland first came to my mind when I got the question “what’s the worst thing you’ve been through?”. I as well as[…]

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Shoegazer // Short Film Trailer


After an alienating conversation, a 26 year old black female learns there is more to her relationship with her hair than she once thought.

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Calling // Daily Short Picks


A violent event fractures the relationship between a Mexican American seamstress and her intellectually challenged adult son. Director’s Statement As a female filmmaker, I felt it is my obligation to talk about rape through a female perspective. That perspective would not depict the physical humiliation a woman undergoes through such[…]

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Hypothetical // Daily Short Picks


A hypothetical conversation, may reveal some hard truths about the future of a relationship. Director’s Statement “Hypothetical” marked the first time I ever turned down a paid gig in order to work on a project of my own. I was working an endless string of PA gigs at the time[…]

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A Barber's Story // Crowdfunding Pick

A Barber’s Story

A Barber’s Story is a film about a broken relationship between a father and his criminal son, their attempt at reconciliation, and the impact that their relationship has on both of their lives. A Barber’s Story is a drama about the complicated relationship between a father and son belonging to[…]

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The Last Message // Daily Short Picks

The Last Message

After the breakup, she left a final message. Director’s Statement This film was created around a real voice message I received at the end of my last relationship. When I heard it for the first time, I was a wreck. I’m not sure what possessed me in the moment, but[…]

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