Silica // Short Film Trailer


“Silica” peers into our relationships as our cellphones peer back at us. Chris is looking for solace from the combative text messages he’s receiving. A chance conversation with his weird neighbor, Mike, may help Chris to drop all of his problems. Director’s Statement Silica was shot as a one-man crew[…]

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Rosie, Oh // Featured Short Film

Rosie, Oh

An unsupervised young girl wanders into a neighbor’s house looking for her lost dog only to find something else unexpectedly lost. Oh, how we love a good one-shot short film. While becoming an increasing go-to challenge for young filmmakers, one-shot films can easily become a logistics nightmare – but if[…]

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Floreciente || Daily Short Picks


A coming of age story that explores the dynamics of age-appropriate behavior between a preteen girl and her unruly neighbor. Intrigued by an older woman’s lifestyle and the mysteries of her adult world, the young girl quietly begins the transitional process of abandoning her prepubescent understandings. As the young girl’s[…]

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The Flesh of My Lovers || Featured Short Film

The Flesh of My Lovers

A sociopath prone to ultra-violent fantasies attempts to transform his reclusive lifestyle when the woman of his dreams moves-in next door. Things get weird pretty quickly in Joshua Giuliano’s ‘The Flesh of My Lovers’, but that just sets the rather quirky tone to the rest of the sexually terrifying storyline.[…]

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Ori – short film

After a harrowing incident a young woman finds herself confined to her home, and soon becomes convinced of her neighbor’s involvement in the crime.

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When Edward catches wind of his neighbor’s latest cosmetic procedure, jealousy boils over into a fit of rage that could cost Edward more than his dignity.

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Missing Call

MISSING CALL trails the events that follow John Dingman (Thom Short) after He makes a report about his neighbour who goes missing shortly afterwards. His medications and strange behaviour soon not only raises doubt but also pins him as a suspect.

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Brad’s neighbor may be more than just unfriendly, he may be hiding a terrible secret. When Brad starts to put together the clues to a mystery he discovers that some things are best left behind closed doors.

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Braids - Short Film Trailer


Braids is a short film produced and directed by Alexander Carson from North Country Cinema in Montreal. After discovering an affair between his wife and his upstairs neighbour, Jim struggles to create new meaning in his life. Braids weaves a lyrical and poetic narrative about friendship and family, love and[…]

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The Rarity Trailer

The Rarity

Strange things have been happening in a quiet Australian suburb, and it all started when the Fords moved in. After witnessing an unusual attack, local resident, Hayden vows to uncover the truth about her new neighbors. This vampire film might seem like another installment of the Twilight Saga, but it’s[…]

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