Betta // Daily Short Pick


Life is full of special moments, but when you can’t stop reliving them, you have to put them in their place. Created by June Hucko and Kaitlyn Baucke, BETTA, is our take on the moments that define you, first loves, the role our friends play, the importance of home, and[…]

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Stairwell Stories // Daily Short Picks

Stairwell Stories

Paths cross in the stairwell of a college dormitory as students face, what they believe to be, defining moments of their adult lives.

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A Report of Connected Events // Featured Short Film

A Report of Connected Events

Exploring iconic moments in film and television history, blurring the lines between our reality and some of our favourite stories. Remember Mischa Rozema? The wonderful cinematic genius who brought us Sundays, winner of best short in 2015 and best trailer in 2014, well he’s back along with production company Post[…]

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Nettles // Short Film Trailer


Nettles are stinging plants. Shot over the course of a year, in six chapters, this short film explores stinging moments in the lives of different girls & women.

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Lullaby || Daily Short Picks


The final moments between Anna, and the only parent she has ever known.

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The Break Up Call || Daily Short Picks

The Break Up Call

We hear a couple’s breakup call while seeing their best moments, exploring the paradox of how life can be so painful and beautiful at the same time. The Break Up Call explores the complex feelings at the moment a relationship starts to unravel. In the midst of tragic endings we[…]

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The Nature of Daylight || Daily Short Picks

The Nature of Daylight

All is not as it seems, as the romantic recollections of a relationship slowly start to unravel as a man tries desperately to hold onto his past. Exploring love and loss, the seemingly insignificant moments of everyday life are proven to be what is remembered when all else is lost.

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Dad Moments

DAD MOMENTS is a short film inspired by a Reddit post about a woman who is sent on a scavenger hunt by her late father, which triggers flashbacks to specific memories of their relationship. The film is a tearjerker that was produced and premiered in honor of Father’s Day. As[…]

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Moments | Abby & Adam

Regret changes everything. A young woman wakes in the night to find something unexpected in her yard. The first in a series of shorts called “Moments”, that tell the stories of the fleeting but significant moments that people experience.

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