Lily // Featured Short Film


A widow faces a great erotic desire about a young man. The story takes place some time in the past. ‘Lily‘ is an atmospheric drama/thriller short film, inspired by baroque paintings. The piece was put together by Paris Grigorakis and shot entirely in Thessaloniki, Greece, where the style was draw[…]

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Nero // Daily Short Picks


When the Man discovers a chest with exquisite creatures peacefully sleeping inside it, his fascination begins to mix with the eternal desire for power lust and obsessive control.

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Siren Featured Short Film


A young woman’s mundane life is turned upside down when she meets a sensuous older Spanish woman, who is passing through the sleepy English coastal town she lives in. Siren is a sexually explicit risqué look at women living and loving in modern Britain, exploring the overlooked subject of bisexuality.[…]

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Lovepsych || Daily Short Picks


A quirky, but melancholic drama about two office lovers, Marceline and Frances, played by Tana Ferreira and Frans van Wyk. With absolute no dialog between the characters, it is a captivating, unusual short film about the uncontrollable lust to kill and deceived looks. Will love conquer all, or will vices[…]

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Cella, is the first film, in a series of moral tales. The inspiration for the series is loosely modeled on Eric Rohmer’s series “Six Moral Tales.” However, aside from the concept and the human factor, there is no theme (storyline, character, etc ) connection to Rohmer’s series. Whereas, the dialogue[…]

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The Enemy of the Good

Fueled by his lust for Women, a young man dives into the Viennese Nightlife.

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Bernardo (Javier Kaplan) is a music producer who travels constantly for work. In one of his trips he meets Aniek (Kim Leeuw), a young dancer, with whom he starts an affair. Marina (Sofia Cantarini), Bernardo’s girlfriend, suspects something and decides to leave him. But when he comes back from his[…]

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Coup de grâce | Daily short Picks

Coup de grâce

A short experimental film. In Paris, a bewildered young man confides in his barber about an unusual encounter.

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Angelique arrives in the family house without being expected for the weekend. Her brother is there with his new girl friend. Immediately there is a tension between the two girls.

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Bowl Me | Featured Short Film

Bowl Me

Bowling alley mechanic Jake Chate is a bit of a voyeur. When the girl of his dreams begins to bowl a perfect game, Jake becomes entranced by her elegant beauty. ‘Bowl Me’ is just a simple short with a brilliant display of play on words. And it’s no hideous tackiness[…]

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