Hope // Featured Short


A young woman’s sense of reality becomes an illusion as she struggles with her internal conflicts European films often have their particular way to tell a story, and are typically not afraid to bend the boundaries of comprehension. Spanish director Aleix Buch’s ‘Hope’ easily skips along those lines, where the[…]

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Trailer // Scavenger


In the aftermath of a brutal conflict a militia-woman Abbie awakes to a haunting new reality. Can she face the loss of her innocence to survive?

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Floreciente || Daily Short Picks


A coming of age story that explores the dynamics of age-appropriate behavior between a preteen girl and her unruly neighbor. Intrigued by an older woman’s lifestyle and the mysteries of her adult world, the young girl quietly begins the transitional process of abandoning her prepubescent understandings. As the young girl’s[…]

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Death Loves Life || Daily Short Picks

Death Loves Life

Young and beautiful, Life is enthralled with the world around her. Death is enamored by Life’s innocence and vivacity, but his attempts to connect with her are fleeting. Despite Death’s awkward and destructive path, Life recovers from each loss with graceful fortitude. In Death’s gloom, a passionate love for Life[…]

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Blue Bird || Daily Short Picks

Blue Bird

Blue Bird is a conceptual fashion short film about a girl who kills her innocence, the “blue bird”, in order to get what she really wants, power. Director’s Statement Blue bird is a conceptual short film, my idea was to explore literature and poetry in the cinema world. Inspired by[…]

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Static || Daily Short Picks


When Arthur finds himself accused of killing his wife, he must convince Detective Lara Cullen of his innocence. When Detective Cullen pushes Arthur over the edge the truth comes out.

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Our Father || Daily Short Picks

Our Father

The Second World War is experienced through the journey of Private Cole, a dramatic study of the contrasting nature between the innocence of childhood and the reality of war, and the emotional struggle that accompanies it. An odyssey of sorrow, friendship, innocence and adventure set against a canvas of war-torn[…]

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Static || Short Film Trailer


When Arthur finds himself the subject on an interrogation, accused of killing his wife, he must convince Lara Cullen of his innocence. When Lara pushes Arthur over the edge the truth comes out.

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The Hunt | Daily Short Picks

The Hunt

A boy’s innocence is tested against his need to impress his father after they kill a bird hunting in the forest.

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Daily Short Picks | Glendower Drive

Glendower Drive

A young brother struggles with the sudden loss of innocence in his childhood.

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