Grid Girls // Daily Short Picks

Grid Girls

Grid Girls is a high-octane meditation on the young ladies of the car scene. Set between North Carolina and the Bronx, this short film by Georgia Krause explores the intersecting worlds of Alexus Motes and Mely B. Alexus is a fledgling driver who draws her strength from faith and her[…]

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10 Marvelous Shorts by Women

10 Marvelous Shorts by Women Filmmakers

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we highlight the incredible contribution women have brought to Film Shortage and to the film industry in general! Here are just a portion of our favorites. Thank you for your continuous hard work and proving that women have a gigantic role in the future of[…]

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Nettles // Short Film Trailer


Nettles are stinging plants. Shot over the course of a year, in six chapters, this short film explores stinging moments in the lives of different girls & women.

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Pillow Talk || Short Film Trailer

Pillow Talk

Set in the early 90’s, Pillow Talk is a short coming of age film about the changing friendship between 14 year old Cara and her childhood best friend Lucy. Lucy suspects that Cara has feelings for girls rather than boys and she is determined to get the truth out of[…]

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Be My Baby

A broken heart, a bleeding nose, and some newfound ideas about love—all on the first day of fourth grade. Ivan is a precocious boy whose never been interested in girls, because as far as he’s concerned, girls only like pink-fluffy-hello-kitty-one-direction type stuff, so why waste time getting involved? But on[…]

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Shotgun | Featured Short Film


Three rebellious girls burn rubber and leave no survivors on an inexplicably wild and wicked ride. Remove your typical storyline goggles and let’s head back to the New Wave of cinema, somewhat. ‘Shotgun’ is a twistedly rebellious short film by Maverick Moore that mixes French New Wave pastiche with pulpy,[…]

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Daily Short Picks | The Bumblebees

The Bumblebees

New initiate Betty Sue shares a daunting story that redefines ‘new blood’ to one of the deadliest gangs in New York, The Bumblebees.

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Lucky Girl

A serial killer snatches three girls from a car wreck and takes them back to his lair of horrors. Will any of them survive?

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The Great Champ Fernley

Lawrence ‘Champ’ Fernley is a 13-year-old boy who lives in his own world free of the sorts of social pressures kids normally have at his age. While his friends struggle with girls, school and adolescence, Lawrence is obsessed with planets, aliens and all things science fiction. One night Lawrence wakes[…]

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Exteriors | Daily Short Picks


In the suburbs of Reno, a friendship is threatened when the sweltering summer heat exposes a long-ignored secret.

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