The Essay From Hell // Daily Short Picks

The Essay From Hell

Despite being asked by the girl of his dreams – conscientious high school student, Rob, declines a trip up to an abandoned cabin in the woods with his 4 friends. They leave him to go and party while he finishes his essay…an essay from hell. From the pages of his[…]

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Lust Des Schöpfers // Daily Short Picks


A visual essay on the death of the ego and the drift of the body. Amidst freezing and unexplored landscapes there is Karoline, wandering at the mercy of her memories’echo.

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Broken || Daily Short Picks


This short film essay explores what it means to find beauty in being broken. The painful and desolate journey of despair… and the longing to heal and be made whole.

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Cactus De Un Piso Deshabitado

“Cactus from an uninhabited apartment” (translated) is a tribute to my grandparents Santiago and Carmen, but also a poetic documentary and an audiovisual essay. On the one hand, the story focuses on the life and legacy of my grandparents —including the recently vacated apartment after my grandfather’s death. On the[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Danny Wylde

Danny Wylde

Inspired by an essay by former porn star “Danny Wylde”, this film explores the darker, less talked about side of the porn industry and the consequences of working in it.

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There is No End

A visual essay through the words of the poet Franz Wright and the eyes of a woman, unravelling the generational patterns of conditioning that create the unmanaged expectations we take into life and love.

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Los Otros Humanos: “Eterno” Caso 101

The Other Humans: “Eternal” Cuba, 1962. Under the country’s new regime, a military torturer faces his last and most defying victim: a man incapable of dying. Part of the collection of short films “The Other Humans”, a series of film essays about human existence, and how our abilities can enlighten[…]

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