Forget About It // Daily Short Picks

Forget About It

A couple must question the limits of forgiveness and whether they can ever escape the past during a fateful road trip through the desert.

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Hers // Daily Short Picks


“Hers” is a portrait of the things we fight for. A single mother works as a maid and trains to fight in her first competition. All while raising her daughter. We all escape into different parts of our lives.

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Bullet Time - Shy Panther // Daily Short Picks

Bullet Time

A highway motel speaks to ideas of privacy and escape, spaces where temporary guests can find resignation, displaced from their past lives in search of something new. Shot on 16mm film, Bullet Time weaves the stories of four characters as they confront their identity within the motel walls – a[…]

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Time and Again // Daily Short Picks

Time And Again

A child genius enlists his best friend to build a time machine in a foolhardy attempt to escape his distant father and connect with the mother he never knew.

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Down From London // Daily Short Picks

Down from London

A couple move to the English coast to escape the city. But it’s not quite the new beginning they were hoping for.

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The Day - Where The Wild Things Are / Daily Short Picks

The Day – Where The Wild Things Are

Dutch-german duo THE DAY releases “Where The Wild Things Are”, the second single from their debut album “Midnight Parade” (to be released this winter). “Where The Wild Things Are” is a lovestory about the escape of the ordinary and the adventures that lie ahead somewhere else. After the release of[…]

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Ride or Die // Daily Short Picks

Ride or Die

Zeke made a Doomsday escape plan and it was pretty lousy. Director’s Statement December 2016. Trump had just been elected and it was Christmas party season in Los Angeles! High anxiety was in the breezy desert air. As I caught up with friends and acquaintances over eggnog and bourbon, the[…]

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Shift // Daily Short Picks


An easy-going young professional wakes up hanging upside down in an unfamiliar warehouse with no recollection of how he got there. As he tries to escape, survive and piece together what happened, he begins to uncover a nightmarish plot involving him and his loved ones. Director’s Statement The average person[…]

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Eksodus // Short Film Trailer


Before facing the terrors of an escalating pandemic, a young woman must first escape the dangers lurking at home. Director’s Statement Eksodus was shot with a skeleton crew using a Panasonic G85 and Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. It stars Allison Trost and was written and directed by Nick Trost.[…]

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They Can't Hear You // Short Film Trailer

They Can’t Hear You

A young woman is held captive, bound, and given an ultimatum by her captor – find a way to escape in only a few minutes, or be killed.

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