Blind Faith // Daily Short Picks

Blind Faith

In Manchester, UK, there is a homeless epidemic. Jed, a homeless man, is convinced that the love for his girlfriend and his spiritual belief will somehow turn his life around. This short film asks questions about what you can really do when choices are so limited. Blind Faith delivers a[…]

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Knives Down, Bikes Up // Daily Short Picks


London is currently experiencing a knife crime epidemic. In response to this crisis, some of London’s youths have banded together to start the Knives Down, Bikes Up movement which is about breaking down barriers & creating a community of like-minded riders. The death toll from knife violence is still rising[…]

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Wild Animals // Daily Short Picks


A teenage boy hiding in a bathroom after a school shooting struggles to come to grips with the aftermath. A film about the epidemic of gun violence in the USA through the eyes of two boys, in one intimate eight minute span. Shot on Super 16mm.

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Hometown // Daily Short Pick

Hometown: A Portrait of the American Opioid Epidemic

An intimate look at the human faces of America’s current opioid epidemic. Seen through the eyes of a mother and the lens of a small town. Director’s Statement We set out to make a film that puts a human face to this tragic epidemic. A lot of people tend to[…]

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As Much As I Can // Daily Short Picks

As Much As I Can – An HIV Epidemic

Cities like Baltimore and Jackson have experienced epidemic levels of HIV+ diagnoses over recent years and African-American men who have sex with men are most at risk. An abstract look at the lives of the men affected, by blending real audio interviews with recreated scenes, we travel through the saturated[…]

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The Zombie One | Daily Short Picks

The Zombie One

Years after the zombie outbreak, a man struggles to put his life and family back together the way it was before he became infected. But discrimination and revenge toward the “cured” hinder his dream from becoming reality. This film explores the zombie epidemic as social commentary towards discrimination.

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Journal of an Epidemic

What if there was an outbreak? It can happen any day, maybe it has already started and we are not aware yet. The reality of the possibility of an outbreak and epidemic is a true and frightening one. Director Olivier Mamet takes us through the journal of the last man[…]

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