Jeremias // Daily Short Picks

Gabriel Iglesias – Jeremias

Jeremias is lost in a devastated world with a message to give but no one to hear. In a battle against his desire to give up will he ever find anyone interested in what he has to say? A sci fi short film/music video that tries to bring back the[…]

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Stye // Short Film Trailer


Premiering on Film Shortage October 19. BJ is a twelve year-old boy desperate to win the attention of his father. Tacco is the father desperate to win the admiration of his son. Together, their attempts over the course of a weekend visitation will send them further into a world of[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Street Meet

Street Meet

Sam swept Kathryn off her feet with a simple question: ‘Beautiful day, isn’t it?’ After hearing this story at work, Kathryn’s co-worker Aaron decides to try this tactic for himself to devastating results.

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