Crux: Black Sol Empire // Daily Short Picks

Crux: Black Sol Empire

It is often said that the devil can be found at the crossroads. It is the proverbial meeting point of good and evil. The bridge between heaven and hell. The battleground that may be inside each individual’s soul. Filmmaker and animator, Plant Head, along with creature designer, Alvaro Buendia, aim[…]

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Cocked / Daily short Picks


A short film about Karen and Blake, best friends who come to an unexpected crossroads.

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Daily Short Picks || The Return

The Return

In a place where cigarette smoke masquerades as cheap perfume and money changes hands not to exchange goods, but to execute rivals, Terry finds himself at a crossroads. Having chosen to release the man whom he was ordered to kill, Terry never expected to see, or hear from, him again.[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Demons


A self-confessed paedophile desperately battling his urges comes to a crossroads when his unknowing wife falls unexpectedly pregnant. A story about deep, psychological inner conflict.

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